What is the minimum age?

There is no minimum age provided one person is over 18 and responsible for the rest of the group.

How many people can come onboard?

6 is the maximum, this includes children and babies.

Why are male groups not allowed?

We received a high volume of complaints from other users of the waters of Cardiff Bay citing use of foul and vulgar language against them along with other antisocial behaviour, our boats were also significantly damaged and misused upon return with safety equipment thrown in the water and there were reports of causing distress to wildlife.
Behaviour such as this is unacceptable to us and other businesses in Cardiff Bay.
It is not feasible for us to conduct background checks on our customers and making judgements on customers is not a practice our staff should have to undertake.
We found it necessary to take steps to stop same sexed groups from using our boats but have since found that all-female groups are more considerate and well behaved when compared to all-male groups.
We want as many people to use our boats as possible, it is a great experience to have the chance to drive your own boat, especially for the first time, but it simply is not viable for us to take such risks and after an incident has happened makes it too late.
So please do not blame our staff and if you really want to hire one of our boats bring female relations for a day out with you.

Can I change the date or time?

This is down to managers discretion and requires at least 24 hours notice, if it is a busy day we may not make an alteration if we are not able to resell your slot.

I was late for my slot, can I get a refund?

We ask people to arrive in advance so that we can brief you and fit safety equipment correctly without rushing.  If you are late it means that the group booked after you will then also be late causing a knock on effect, if it is a quiet day we will try to accommodate you, but on busy days we will have to turn you away without a refund as it is not our fault you are late.

The time want is not showing?

This is likely because it is sold out already!

Can I stay on the boat longer by booking more slots?

Sadly  no, there are set routes for both 30 minutes and 1 hour.  We do not allow the 1 hour route close to sunset incase there is an accident and there are periods throughout the day where we have to check the boats and refuel them.

If you were to book two slots for 30 minutes at say 11:30 and 12:00, you will have to do the 30 minute route twice.

Can we hire the boat for longer than 1 hour?

1 hour is the maximum, this is because there is a set route to follow and means that other bay users know where to expect to see our boats and also ensures you do not put yourself at risk by going somewhere you could get stuck!

How do I book and do you take cash?

All of our bookings and times are booked online here, we do not take cash.

Can I bring a dog onboard?

Yes of course!